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What was Chicago’s snowiest winter?

The notorious winter of 1978-1979 remains the snowiest winter we’ve seen, with 89.7 inches falling.

What year was the big snowstorm in Chicago?

In early February 2011, Chicagoland was pummeled by one of its heaviest snowstorms. The Groundhog Blizzard dumped 21.2 inches of snow at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 2011.

How many inches of snow did Chicago get in the Blizzard of 2011?

21.2 inches Over the three day period, snowfall totaled 21.2 inches officially at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, making it the third largest snowstorm on record for the city of Chicago. … January 31-February 2, 2011 Historic Blizzard.

Chicago O’Hare, IL
Date Time Snowfall Amount (inches)
2/2 12AM-6AM 3.7
6AM-12PM 2.9

How many inches of snow did Chicago get in 1979?

The Chicago blizzard of 1979 was a major blizzard that affected northern Illinois and northwest Indiana on January 1314, 1979. It was one of the largest Chicago snowstorms in history at the time, with 21 inches of snowfall in the two-day period.

How much snowfall did Chicago get?

34.8 inches: 2019-2020. 49.5 inches: 2018-2019. 36.1 inches: 2017-2018.

How many inches of snow does Chicago get?

Chicago averages 35 inches of snow per year.

Was there a blizzard in Chicago in 1978?

The 1978-79 New Year’s Eve snowstorm was just one of many that winter that combined to produce Chicago’s all-time snowiest winter, delivering 89.7 inches of snow. … Less than two weeks later the famed Blizzard of ’79 dumped more than 20 inches of snow on the city from Jan. 12-14, bringing the city to a standstill.

Has Chicago ever had snow in May?

A large part of central and southern Illinois saw its first measurable May snowfall on record on May 2, 1929. A large swath of the state, from around St. … Most of the snow melted by evening.

When was Snowmageddon in Chicago?

2011 Remembering The Snowmageddon Blizzard Of 2011, 10 Years Later. CHICAGO (CBS) The Chicago area was hit with a major winter storm that dumped more than a foot of snow on parts of the area this weekend it was the biggest snowstorm to hit the area in years.

How much snow did Chicago get in Snowmageddon?

The blizzard is the third largest snowstorm on record for the city. More than 20 inches of snow fell in just a few hours starting on Jan. 31, 2011. The total at O’Hare was eventually recorded to be 21.2 inches total, falling from Jan.

How much snow fell in the blizzard of 2011?

However 1.0 inches of snow fell at Chicago, 0.8 inches fell at Rockford and 0.7 inches fell at Romeoville during January 31 which was actually part of the storm. … Chicago and Rockford Storm Total Snowfall Adjusted.

Chicago O’Hare 21.2 inches
Rockford 15.1 inches
Romeoville 17.1 inches

Was there a blizzard in 2011?

The January 2527, 2011 North American blizzard was a major Mid-Atlantic nor’easter and winter storm, and a New England blizzard that affected portions of the northeastern United States and Canada. … January 2527, 2011 North American blizzard.

Category 1 Notable (RSI/NOAA: 2.65)
Dissipated February 3, 2011
Casualties 2

What was the biggest snowstorm in Chicago?

Here are the top 10 snowstorms in Chicago history, according to the National Weather Service:

  • 23.0 inches Jan 26-27, 1967.
  • 21.6 inches Jan 1-3, 1999.
  • 21.2 inches Feb. 1-2, 2011.
  • 20.3 inches Jan 13-14, 1979.
  • 19.3 inches Feb. 1-2, 2015.
  • 19.2 inches Mar 25-26, 1930.
  • 16.2 inches Mar 7-8, 1931.
  • 15.0 inches Dec 17-20, 1929.

How many inches of snow did Chicago get in 1967?

At the time, greatest snowfall for a season – The winter of 1966-1967 set the record for Chicago with a total of 68.4 inches. (The record has since been surpassed four times).

How much snow fell in the blizzard of 79?

January 1979 was a record breaking month in terms of both snowfall and arctic cold temperatures. From January 12th to the 14th, a winter storm dumped an estimated 18.4 inches of snow.

How much snow did Chicago get in February 2021?

The city of Chicago was colder and snowier than average, with the city exceeding its typical February snowfall by more than a foot in 2021. According to data published by the National Weather Service, the city saw a total of 21.6 inches of snow between Feb. 1 and Feb. 29, well above the average amount of 9.1 inches.

How much snow does Buffalo get?

Buffalo averages 85 inches of snow per year.

How much snow does Chicago get annually?

Seasonal snowfall in the city has ranged from 9.8 inches (24.9 cm) (in 192021) up to 89.7 in (228 cm) (in 197879), and the average annual snowfall in Chicago is 36 inches (91 cm). Most winters produce many snow falls during the season in light accumulations of around 2 in (5.1 cm).

Is Chicago colder than NYC?

I note that during the winter months New York City is consistently warmer than Chicago. … Chicago’s average winter temperature (December through February) is 26.4 degrees; New York’s winter average, at 35.2, is 8.8 degrees higher. Chicago’s climate is continental, far from the warmth and humidity of ocean air.

Is Chicago really the windiest city?

Is Chicago a Windy City? Contrary to popular belief, Chicago is not the windiest city in the United States. That honor goes to Boston, Massachusetts, which boasts wind speeds that are regularly up to two miles per hour faster than Chicago’s.

What is the latest it has snowed in Illinois?

Snow Climatology for the NWS Chicago County Warning Area

Normal First Date: December 7 March 20
Earliest First: October 19, 1989 January 18, 1927
Latest First: January 25, 2013 May 3-4, 1907
Latest calendar day 1+: May 1, 1940

How long did the Blizzard of 78 last?

33 hours Storm strength While a typical nor’easter brings steady snow for six to twelve hours, the Blizzard of ’78 brought heavy snow for an unprecedented full 33 hours as it was blocked from heading into the North Atlantic by a strong Canadian high pressure area.

What day was the 1967 Chicago snowstorm?

Jan. 26, 1967 On Jan.26, 1967, a blizzard dumped 23 inches of snow on Chicago. Eleven years later on the same day, another major snowstorm shut down the city.

Was there a Blizzard in 78?

The Great Blizzard of 1978 was a historic winter storm that struck the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes regions from Wednesday, January 25 through Friday, January 27, 1978. It is often cited as one of the most severe blizzards in US history.

What is the latest it has snowed in Chicago?

Over the course of the city’s snow climatology, dating back to the winter of 1884-85, the latest date for one inch or more of snow cover was April 24, 1967, when three inches covered the ground.

Has there ever been snow in June?

It averages about 6 inches in June, but has seen up to 47.5 during the month. Only one year since 2000 has featured no snow in June. … In fact, Mount Washington, along with three other stations did set daily snowfall records this month.

What year did it snow in June?

The last time it snowed in London was not during an Ice Age. It was, in fact, not all that long ago – on June 2, 1975.

Will we get a blizzard this year?

The U.S. 2020-2021 Winter Forecast The Farmer’s Almanac is also calling for a possible, wide-scale blizzard to take place from D.C. to Boston in mid-February, 2021. … The west and southwest regions should see a dry, generally mild winter this year, without too many surprises.

What is the most snow ever recorded in Illinois?

Our statewide snowfall records in Illinois start in 1902. … Here are the 5 snowiest winters on record:

  • 1979 with 44.5 inches.
  • 1978 with 44.4 inches.
  • 1912 with 39.5 inches.
  • 2014 with 39.4 inches.
  • 1960 with 38.6 inches.

What is the strongest blizzard?

The 1972 Iran blizzard, which caused 4,000 reported deaths, was the deadliest blizzard in recorded history. Dropping as much as 26 feet (7.9 m) of snow, it completely covered 200 villages. After a snowfall lasting nearly a week, an area the size of Wisconsin was entirely buried in snow.