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What toppings do you put on hotdogs?

16 Best Hot Dog Toppings

  • Avocado and bacon.
  • Chili and coleslaw.
  • Baked beans and chips.
  • Sauerkraut and brown mustard.
  • Gravy and fries.
  • Pickles, tomatoes, and onion.
  • Buffalo sauce and blue cheese.
  • Pimento cheese and pickled jalapeos.

What kind of relish is on a Chicago hot dog?

sweet pickle relish Chicago-style relish is a type of sweet pickle relish typically used on Chicago-style hot dogs. The unique color of the relish, often referred to as neon green, is created by adding blue dye to regular pickle relish.

What is the most popular topping for a hot dog?

mustard According to hot dog and sausage maker JJ’s Red Hots sales data, mustard takes the surprising top spot as the most popular topping, followed by chili, cheese, onions and relish. Ketchup actually is number eight on their list.

How do you dress a hot dog?

Always dress the dog, not the bun. Condiments should be applied in the following order: wet condiments like mustard and chili are applied first, followed by chunky condiments like relish, onions and sauerkraut, followed by shredded cheese, followed by spices, like celery salt or pepper.

What is the difference between Chicago relish and regular relish?

The Relish Relish is, simply put, chopped pickled cucumbers. However, when it comes to relish on a Chicago-style, the more neon the green color, the better. This relish is sweet, which will help tamper down the spice of the sport peppers.

Do you put sweet or dill relish on hot dogs?

Hot Dog Relish is a pickled condiment used to dress hot dogs with in North America. It is usually a combination of Sweet Pickle Relish made from cucumbers, and yellow American hot dog mustard.

Why is there no ketchup in Chicago?

Why don’t Chicagoans put ketchup on their hot dogs? The ketchup prohibition is often used as a kind of test of your Chicagoan-ness you’re not really a Chicagoan if you put ketchup on your hot dog. Former President Barack Obama has said that once you’re past eight years old, ketchup does not belong on a hot dog.

What makes up a Chicago hot dog?

Place hot dog in the steamed bun. Pile on the toppings in this order: yellow mustard, sweet green pickle relish, onion, tomato wedges, pickle spear, sport peppers, and celery salt. The tomatoes should be nestled between the hot dog and the top of the bun.

What is the best sauce for hot dogs?

9 Best DIY Condiments for Hot Dogs

  • Chowchow. …
  • Sweet Pickle Relish. …
  • Sweet-and-Sour Pineapple Chutney. …
  • Golden Yellow Mustard. …
  • Smoky Pimento Relish. …
  • Hoisin Barbecue Sauce. …
  • Pickled Red Onions. …
  • Three-Chile Beef Chili.

What’s wrong with putting ketchup on a hot dog?

Ketchup smothers the flavor of the hot dog because ketchup makers add sugar to their products. That takes the edge off the highly acidic tomatoes, but it takes the edge off everything else, too

Does Mayo belong on a hot dog?

Yes, mayonnaise absolutely belongs on hot dogs and that’s the only way I eat them.

Do Chicagoans put ketchup on hotdogs?

The hot dog is topped with yellow mustard, chopped white onions, bright green sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato slices or wedges, pickled sport peppers and a dash of celery salt. … A number of Chicago hot dog vendors do not offer ketchup as a condiment.

Is putting ketchup on a hot dog unamerican?

No one should squirt ketchup on a hot dog after the age of 18, say officials at the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, part of the American Meat Institute. You have to grow up sometime, says council president Janet Riley, a.k.a. the Queen of Wien in her Hot Dog Etiquette video.

What does Chicago relish taste like?

Sweet like sweet pickles, with a little bitterness in the finish on its own. On the Chicago-style dog, it’s exactly as you’d expect — pickled tanginess that balances the funk of the onions. The bitterness takes on a slight metallic taste, though.

Are Chicago style hot dogs healthy?

The directions are well known in these parts: an all-beef frankfurter dragged through the garden with no, absolutely never, any ketchup. Chicago-style is not, however, associated with healthy eating and the sad reality is that hot dogs may never truly earn that label.

Why do they dye Chicago relish?

The toppings for a traditional Chicago Dog are: yellow mustard, green relish, chopped onions, tomato slices, a pickle, sport peppers, and celery salt. … One theory attributes the bright color to a relish maker who used a bit of food coloring to make up for some naturally uneven coloring in his relish.

What is the best relish for hot dogs?

  • #1: Heinz Sweet Relish (6.8/10)
  • #2: Heinz Hot Dog Relish (5.8/10)
  • #3: B&G Hot Dot Relish (4.4/10)
  • #4: B&G Sweet Relish (4.1/10)
  • #5: Mt. Olive Sweet Relish (3.7/10)
  • #6: Vlasic Sweet Relish (3.4/10)
  • #7: Trader Joe’s Organic Sweet Pickle Relish (3.2/10)
  • #8: America’s Choice Sweet Relish (3.1/10)

What goes good with relish on a hot dog?

The Host: Hot Dog Condiment Bar

  • Sliced tomato.
  • Diced onion, white or greenraw, or, as Beck suggests, saut the onions in butter and pair with a sweet/spicy mustard. …
  • Pickle spears.
  • Chili (vegetarian or meat-laden)
  • Sliced jalapeo.
  • Sauerkraut.
  • Creamy horseradish.
  • Cheese, cheese, cheese.

What’s the difference between dill and sweet relish?

Dill relish is seasoned with the dill herb and hs a minimal quantity of sugar. Sweet relish is spiced usually with clove, and it has a large quantity of sugar or other sweeteners. … Dill relish is dill pickles and sweet relish is sweet pickles.

What happens if you put ketchup on a hot dog in Chicago?

If you put ketchup on, it will kill everything. Nick Kindelsperger of Grub Street concurs, going on to say, When perfectly portioned, the seven toppings on a traditional Chicago-style hot dog […] combine to create something like a less-sweet ketchup.

Is ketchup illegal in Chicago?

It’s not technically against the law to put ketchup on a hot dog in Chicago, but many here would consider it a criminal act to do so. … As you’re putting down the ketchup no, really, put it down we recommend digesting the following offbeat Chicago-area rules that are actual laws.