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What are the 25 most populated cities in the world?

World City Populations 2021

  • Tokyo (Population: 37,435,191)
  • Delhi (Population: 29,399,141)
  • Shanghai (Population: 26,317,104)
  • Sao Paulo (Population: 21,846,507)
  • Mexico City (Population: 21,671,908)
  • Cairo (Population: 20,484,965)
  • Dhaka (Population: 20,283,552)
  • Mumbai (Population: 20,185,064)

What is the biggest city 2021?

2021 Metro Area Rankings

Rank City Name Population
1 New York City 18,823,000
2 Los Angeles 12,459,000
3 Chicago 8,877,000
4 Houston 6,491,000

What are the Top 10 biggest cities in the world by area?

The ten largest cities by area are:

  • New York, NY-NJ-CT, United States – 12,093 km2/ 4,669 mi2.
  • Boston-Providence, MA-NH-RI-CT-ME, United States – 9,538 km2/ 3,683 mi2.
  • Tokyo-Yokohama – 8,230 km2 / 3,178 mi2.
  • Atlanta, GA, United States -7,400 km2/ 2,857 mi2.
  • Chicago, IL-IN-WI, United States – 7,006 km2/ 2,705 mi2.

What is the 10 largest city in the world?

  • Beijing. Country: China. 2015 Population: 18.42 million. …
  • New York-Newark. Country: United States. 2015 Population: 18.65 million. …
  • Cairo. Country: Egypt. …
  • Kinki major metropolitan area (Osaka and Kyoto) Country: Japan. …
  • Mumbai. Country: India. …
  • So Paulo. Country: Brazil. …
  • Mexico City. Country: Mexico. …
  • Shanghai. Country: China.

What are the 37 megacities?


  • Tokyo 37.39 million.
  • Delhi 30.29 million.
  • Shanghai 27.05 million.
  • So Paulo 22.04 million.
  • Ciudad de Mxico (Mexico City) 21.78 million.
  • Dhaka 21 million.
  • Al-Qahirah (Cairo) 20.9 million.
  • Beijing 20.46 million.

Is New York city the largest city in the world?

Based on the area that it encompasses, New York – Newark is the most populated place in the United States, but it is also the largest city in the world based on area. NYC is broken up into five different boroughs, and New York-Newark spans 4,660 square miles according to Demographia World Urban Areas 2020 report.

What is the most populated city on earth?

Tokyo, Japan 1: Tokyo, Japan And the winner is: the most populous city in the world is Tokyo, which has a staggering population of 37.4 million. The vibrant city serves as Japan’s economic center and capital.

Which is the No 1 city in the world?

In the last Time Out city survey in 2019, New York topped the list, while Chicago took top honors in 2018 and 2016.

What is the smallest city in the world 2021?

Vatican City Vatican City is the smallest city in the world, but it’s bursting with activity for locals and tourists alike. To find the world’s smallest city, you’ll need to look for the world’s smallest country as well. You can find them bothVatican City is in fact a country and a cityencircled by Rome, Italy.

Which is the largest capital city in the world?

Beijing, China, is the world’s most populated capital city. By July 1st, 2017, the global population stood at approximately 7.550 billion. Exactly a year before that, the population stood at 7.466 billion. … The World’s Most Populated Capital Cities.

Rank 1
City Beijing
Country China
Population (Millions) 20.7

What is the capital of the world?

London For now, London is the world’s global capital.

Is Moscow bigger than New York City?

Moscow (Russia) is 3.22 times as big as New York City (US)

What are the 4 largest cities in the US?

The 200 Largest Cities in the United States by Population 2021

Rank Name State
1 New York City New York
2 Los Angeles California
3 Chicago Illinois
4 Houston Texas

Whats the biggest city in the USA?

New York 50 states and District of Columbia

2020 rank City 2010 census
1 New York 8,175,133
2 Los Angeles 3,792,621
3 Chicago 2,695,598
4 Houston 2,099,451

What’s the most populated city in the USA?

New York, New York America’s largest cities

100 Largest Cities By Population
Rank City Took office
1 New York, New York 2014
2 Los Angeles, California 2013
3 Chicago, Illinois 2019

What are the three global cities?

New York, London, and Paris maintain their decade-long dominance as the top three cities in the Global Cities Index.

How many mega cities are in China?

six megacities Megacities on Megacities China is already home to six megacities, with another three urban areas well on the way to achieving that status.

How many Super cities are there?

33 The total number of megacities in the world varies between different sources: The world had 33 according to the UN (in 2018), 37 according to (in 2020), and 35 according to Demographia (in 2020). Many of these urban agglomerations are in China and India.

What is the largest US city by area?

Sitka List of United States cities by area

Rank City Total area (km2)
1 Sitka 12,461
2 Juneau 8,428
3 Wrangell 8,967
4 Anchorage 5,079

Is Lima bigger than New York?

Peru is about 11 times bigger than New York.

Is Mexico City larger than New York?

Mexico City is the largest city in North America followed by New York City and Los Angeles. Mexico City is the largest city in North America followed by New York City and Los Angeles.

What is the biggest city in the world by land area?

New York Metro The largest cities in the world by land area, population and density Ranked by land area: 1 to 125

Rank City / Urban area Land area (in sqKm)
1 New York Metro 8,683
2 Tokyo/Yokohama 6,993
3 Chicago 5,498
4 Atlanta 5,083

What is the largest city in America that is also a state capital?

Census counts in 2020 reveal Pheonix as the largest capital city in the States at more than 1.7 million, followed by Austin, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Denver to round out the top five most populated state capital in the U.S. … Most Populated US State Capitals.

Rank 1
City Phoenix
State Arizona
Population in 2020 1,703,080

What’s the fifth largest city in the United States?

The 50 largest cities in the United States

  • New York 8,550,405.
  • Los Angeles 3,971,883.
  • Chicago 2,720,546.
  • Houston 2,296,224.
  • Philadelphia 1,567,442.
  • Phoenix 1,563,025.
  • San Antonio 1,469,845.
  • San Diego 1,394,928.

Which is the cleanest city in the world?

Singapore, Singapore Singapore, Singapore. The queen of clean, king of hygiene, siren of the spotless you get the jist, regularly lauded for its cleanliness, Singapore is often dubbed both the cleanest and the safest city in the world.

What is the cleanest city in the US?

Honolulu, Hawaii ranks first as the cleanest city in the U.S. Despite being the most fossil fuel-dependent state in the U.S., due to its reliance on tourism and the military, Hawaii is currently working to achieve 100% clean energy by 2045.

What is the coolest city in the world?

The world’s coolest cities as voted by you

  • Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Tokyo, Japan. …
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. …
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands. …
  • Reykjavk, Iceland. …
  • Hong Kong, China. …
  • Barcelona, Spain. …
  • Berlin, Germany. …

Where is the oldest city in the world?

Jericho Jericho, Palestinian Territories A small city with a population of 20,000 people, Jericho, which is located in the Palestine Territories, is believed to be the oldest city in the world. Indeed, some of the earliest archeological evidence from the area dates back 11,000 years.

What is the smallest city in the USA?

Today, according to the US Census, Monowi is the only incorporated place in the US with just one resident, and Eiler is the mayor, clerk, treasurer, librarian, bartender and only person left in the US’ tiniest town.

What town has least population?

12 Cities With The Least Population In The USA

  1. 1 Berkley Springs, West Virginia – 602. ben_wertheim.
  2. 2 Watch Hill, Rhode Island – 144. …
  3. 3 Whiteville, North Carolina – 5,340. …
  4. 4 Elkins, Arkansas – 3,179. …
  5. 5 Joshua Tree, California – 7,414. …
  6. 6 Brisbee, Arizona – 5,209. …
  7. 7 Hood River, Oregon – 7,806. …
  8. 8 Akhiok, Alaska – 70. …