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304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

How much is Top of the Rock wedding?

The price for the regular tickets starts at $37 and they can be purchased online right here: Top of The Rock.

How much does the Rainbow Room cost?

The ceremony site fee, according to, ranges anywhere from $11,500 to $12,500, depending on the time of the year, whereas the reception site fee can be within the same range.

Can you get married at the top of the Empire State Building?

While the Empire State Building normally does not host private ceremonies, it has held an annual contest for more than 25 years to host marriages and vow renewals for one lucky couple on February 14 atop New York City’s iconic skyscraper.

Can you visit Chapel of the Ozarks?

Resting at the highest point in Taney County, Missouri, this enchanting, three-story chapel boasts incredible floor-to-ceiling views of Table Rock Lake through a glass backdrop. As you enter through antique pine wood doors, the chapel opens to soaring 23-foot vaulting ceilings with seating for up to 180 guests.

Can you get married in Central Park?

Central Park offers many beautiful locations for wedding ceremonies and photography. Please note: only weddings in Conservatory Garden are planned through the Conservancy. For weddings in other Central Park locations, see the NYC Parks guidelines or contact them directly at 212.408.0226.

Can you take wedding photos at Top of the Rock?

Top of the Rock is located right in Rockefeller Center, which is a difficult place for wedding day portraits. It’s always crowded and busy, and tourists and locals are everywhere.

Why did the Rainbow Room close?

Due to World War II, the Rainbow Room was closed from 1942 to 1950. The restaurant received renovations in 1965 and 19851987, both of which sought to restore its original 1930 decor. Suffering from a decline in business following the financial crisis of 200708, the Rainbow Room closed in 2009.

Can anyone eat at the Rainbow Room?

Yes, but it’s not open for dinner every night. over a year ago.

What should I wear to the Rainbow Room?

The lounge is upscale and everyone was dressed accordingly. The official dress code from the Rainbow Room website states a business casual dress code and that T-shirts, hoodies, sneakers, baseball caps and other sportswear are not allowed.

What day can you marry on top of the Empire State Building?

Couples that are planning to wed or renew their vows have until December 30th to sign up to win a dream wedding weekend. The nuptials will be held atop the Empire State Building on, none other than, Valentines Day 2019.

How do you get married at the Empire State Building?

Couples must be over the age of 18 and have a valid New York State marriage license at the time of the wedding ceremony in order to wed. Vow renewals can be performed with a valid New York State marriage license. For complete contest details, please visit

Can you get married at the Rockefeller Centre?

Say your vows from 65 stories above the city With its domed ceiling, rotating dance floor, and sparkling chandeliers – all 65 stories above Rockefeller Center – the Rainbow Room is an idyllic venue for your most special moment.

Does it cost to go to top of the rock Branson?

$10 entry fee per vehicle applies. Complimentary parking is available at the Top of the Rock Welcome Center, or valet parking can be purchased for $15 per vehicle.

How much does it cost to get married at Anthony Chapel?

Anthony Chapel can be visited free of charge except when weddings or other special events are taking place. Admission to the main gardens is $15 for adults, $5 for children 4-12, free for those 3 and under.

Where will you find this beautiful glass chapel?

You’ll find Thorncrown Chapel on Highway 62 West just outside of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Admission is free. While you’re visiting this beautiful area of our state, you’ll love these UNFORGETTABLE things to do in Eureka Springs, AR!

How can I get married for free?

How Can I Plan a Free Wedding?

  1. Have a small, intimate wedding.
  2. Find free wedding and reception venues.
  3. Have free food.
  4. Find a free wedding dress.
  5. Find a free photographer.
  6. Get a free DJ.
  7. Have a free bouquet.
  8. Design your own wedding invitations.

Can you get married same day in NYC?

Yes, there is a waiting period. Once you obtain your Marriage License, you must wait a full 24 hours before your Marriage Ceremony can be performed unless you obtain a Judicial Waiver.

How much does a courthouse wedding cost in New York?

The fee for a Marriage License is $35 by credit card or money order payable to the City Clerk. A New York State Marriage License is valid for 60 days (except for active military personnel, for whom the validity runs for 180 days).

Can you use tripod at Top of the Rock?

Tripods are Not Permitted at Top of the Rock. Tripods are not permitted to be used on Top of the Rock for safety reasons and, after seeing the crowd, I agree completely with their reasoning. Plenty of security personnel are on hand to remind you of this rule if you forget.

How much are engagement photos NYC?

In 2020, for a two-hour engagement photoshoot in New York City, the average price you can expect to pay the photographer is approximately $1,016. On average a one-hour engagement shoot will cost $635 and a four-hour shoot will cost $1,778.

Where did Lemmy hang out?

In the last two decades of his life, Motrhead frontman Lemmy was a daily fixture at the Rainbow whenever the band was not on tour, and often played a video poker machine at the end of the bar table. Producer Kim Fowley used to hang out at the Rainbow, especially in 1975, when he formed the all-girl group The Runaways.

Did Lemmy own the Rainbow?

Notable Regulars It was a second home to Lemmy Kilmister of Motrhead, who passed away in 2015. Lemmy loved the Rainbow so much that he moved to West Hollywood to be closer to it. … Today, the Rainbow Bar & Grill is run by Mario’s son Mikeal, and his grandson, Mike Jr.

Can you smoke at Rainbow bar and Grill?

On their breaks, the musicians go directly from the stage to the back patio outside. This is where cigarette smoking is permitted, and even encouraged. The bar here is crowded.

How much is dinner at the Rainbow Room?

The prix fixe dinner menu includes three courses and starts at at $175 per person and will vary based on entertainment, says the website (that’s actually the same amount the restaurant charged back in 2009). That entertainment, on the first night, will be The Roots.

What should I wear to top of the rock?

Slacks and collared shirts for men; dress and/or nice pants and top for women. over a year ago. Dressy casual will work.

Can kids go to Rainbow Room NYC?

Yes it is. It is a business casual spot not like a young hang out kinda bar.

Can you eat at the top of the rock?

There is no food or drink at the attractionand none can be brought up (and neither can pocket knives, lighters and other prohibited items mentioned in the FAQ)though there are plenty of dining options in the Plaza and the Concourse. 9. Top of the Rock tickets can be purchased here.

What is the difference between the Rainbow Room and Bar 65?

The Rainbow Room is a full service high end restaurant. Sixty Five is a completely separate lounge that does have tables & tapas can be served. Sixty Five is more for elegant cocktail gatherings, Rainbow Room more for dinners.