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How much does it cost to replace a convertible top motor?

Most of the time, you will have to replace your convertible roof motor at the same time you replace your top. The typical convertible roof motor will cost you anywhere between $150 to $300 for the partial, and between $100 to $200 for the labor.

How do you test a convertible top motor?

Use a digital multimeter to check the lines feeding the convertible top motor. Every time you press the convertible switch, you should read between 11-13 volts at the pump. If you are not getting any current at the hydraulic motor, you may have an electrical problem or a defective switch.

What Motor came in a 2005 Mustang?


20052009 Mustang S-197
Engine 4.0 L (245 CID) Cologne V64.6 L (281 CID) Modular V85.4 L (330 CID) Modular Supercharged V8
Transmission 5-speed manual (T-5, TR-3650) 6-speed manual (TR-6060) 5-speed automatic (5R55S)
Wheelbase 107.1 in (2,720 mm)

How do you fill a convertible top motor?

How often does a convertible top need to be replaced?

Tops generally last 10-12 years depending on care, storage, maintenance, and amount of use. That being said, we have seen tops that are 15 years old that still look good so there are many factors.

Does insurance cover convertible tops?

A. If you have full coverage the insurance will pay to replace your convertible top, less your deductable. * However a convertible top is considered a wear item, meaning that every year older the top is, it is worth less (prorated). … Call your insurance agent and ask.

How do I know if my convertible top motor is bad?


  1. Slow convertible top movement – If your convertible top moves slowly, it could be due to several reasons. …
  2. Convertible top won’t raise or lower – The convertible pump is not getting power, or it is not working. …
  3. Beck lid won’t open – Bad limit switch. …
  4. Convertible top won’t go down – Bad relay.

Why won’t my convertible top go up?

If a convertible top simply doesn’t go up or down when you engage the switch, the cause may be a bad fuse, lift cylinder, or relay. When a convertible top gets stuck in the process, it is most likely caused by a lift cylinder or a broken cable. … Ironically, sometimes the issue simply lies in a broken switch.

Can convertible top cylinders be rebuilt?

Upgrading your convertible top cylinders, pumps & hoses without compromise. Top Hydraulics rebuilds convertible top cylinders and pumps, making them better than new inside, resulting in optimized performance and much longer service life!

How much horsepower does a 2005 Mustang GT 4.6 have?

Ford’s Modular 4.6L SOHC V8

Year 2005
Power (hp) 300 hp @ 5,750 RPM
Torque (lb/ft) 320 lb/ft @ 4,500 RPM
Compression 9.8:1
Type 3V

What is the top speed of a 2005 Ford Mustang?

In the case of the Mustang V-6, the car is limited to 112 mph since its lightweight drive shaft is designed more for fuel economy than outright performance. Remove the electronic governor, and the V-6 Mustang will wind out past 135 miles per hour.

Are 2005 Mustangs fast?

The new car’s 99.9-mph speed at the end of the quarter mile is just shy where most current-gen Mustangs run. … Old Glory: America’s Favorite Ponycar Earns Back its Stripes.

2005 Ford Mustang GT
1/4 mile, sec @ mph 13.6 @ 99.9
Braking, 100-0 mph, ft 361
Braking, 60-0 mph, ft 120

What kind of fluid goes in a convertible top motor?

NOTE-Pumps and cylinders purchased from Convertible Top Specialists may be filled with fluid, this fluid will either be Dextron III automatic transmission fluid or mineral hydraulic oil. The fluids are compatible with each other but not with brake fluid.

How do you close the top on a convertible Mustang?

How do you fill a hydraulic fluid for a convertible top?

Can you run a convertible through a carwash?

Most convertibles are safe for automated car washes, according to the car wash industry. Millions of convertibles are washed successfully every day, and they are designed to do so without causing damage to the vehicle.

Should you leave your convertible top down?

Just put the top down when you are on the local 35-MPH-or-less roads. There is also dirt and grit flying around. It will get your car interior dirty and you can feel it hitting your body as you drive. Don’t freak when the stereo gets louder when you put the top down.

Is rain bad for convertible top?

Can You Drive a Convertible in The Rain? You can drive a convertible in the rain. If the roof is up it will remain impermeable, but if the roof is down water may enter the cabin. … Convertibles are perfectly fine in the rain; the roof is unlikely to leak if it’s in good condition.

Can you drive a soft top convertible in the winter?

If you keep your convertible on the driveway during the winter, always make sure you clear off snow and ice from the roof before you drive. … Many convertibles have roofs that aren’t designed to take a lot of weight, so the buildup of snow could cause serious damage.

Can hail damage be convertible on top?

Hail can even wreak havoc on the interior of your vehicle, if the storm is intense or your convertible top is down. … This type of complete destruction is rare, but if the hail is large enough and comes down for a sustained time-period, you may need to visit an auto body repair shop to make your vehicle functional again.

Is it more expensive to insure a convertible car?

Convertibles Not Only Cost More To Buy, They Cost More To Insure. … Though auto insurance rates vary between vehicles, soft top convertibles may be more expensive to insure because soft tops may be considered less safe than cars with standard tops or hard top convertibles.

How do you manually close a convertible top?

Closing The Top Manually

  1. Remove passengers from the car. …
  2. Locate the convertible top storage lid behind the back seat head rests. …
  3. Reach into the opened compartment and lift up on the convertible frame. …
  4. Press down on the convertible top storage lid to close it all the way.

Can you replace a convertible top with a hardtop?

If you want a permanent replacement for your convertible top, Smooth Line has you covered. Since 1959, our quality removable Hardtops have been enjoyed by many thousands of sport car enthusiasts. For a simple, permanent solution, you just can’t beat a Smooth Line Hardtop.

Are convertibles slower?

Because the roof is a critical part of a car’s structure, convertibles need extra bracing to stiffen their bodies. As a result, they typically are hundreds of pounds heavier and a bit slower than their hardtop counterparts.

How does a convertible top motor work?

The convertible motor drives the pump which is connected to the motor at one end and the fluid reservoir on the other end. The pump generates a pressure varying from 300 to 450 psi. It is fitted in the trunk area and supplies hydraulic fluid to the lift cylinders which are mounted on either side of the vehicle.

How does a Mustang convertible top work?

Mustang convertible tops are operated by a hydraulic pump system The hydraulic pump is used to pump fluid to the lift cylinders, raising and lowering the top. … Once the windows are down, press lower portion of the convertible top switch. This will activate the pump, lowering the top.

How do convertible tops work?

A motor that turns a gear on each side of the car powers the mechanism that raises and lowers the roof. The gear engages a bracket that has gear teeth cut into it (much like the mechanism used in power windows). This bracket is connected to the main structure of the roof.

What is hydraulic technology?

Hydraulics (from Greek: ) is a technology and applied science using engineering, chemistry, and other sciences involving the mechanical properties and use of liquids. … In its fluid power applications, hydraulics is used for the generation, control, and transmission of power by the use of pressurized liquids.