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How fast does a Honda CBR1000RR go?

Honda CBR1000RR Specifications

Engine & Drivetrain:
Fuel Capacity: 4.2 gal.
Curb Weight: 430 lbs. (ABS model: 433 lbs)
Top Speed: 186 mph (est)

How much horsepower does a 2007 Honda CBR1000RR have?

177.02 HP Water cooled, 998cc, Inline-4, DOHC

Power: 177.02 HP (130.2 kW) @ 12000 rpm
Torque: 115 Nm (84.82 lb-ft) @ 8500 rpm
Final drive: Chain
Top speed: 185.79 mph
Curb weight: 451.9 lbs

What year is the fastest CBR1000RR?

Honda’s CBR1000RR has long been the ultimate Superbike for experienced aficionados, and the 2015 CBR1000RR is really something special.

What does a 2007 CBR1000RR weigh?

388 pounds 2007 Honda CBR1000RR Specifications

Model: CBR1000RR
Seat Height: 32.3 inches
Dry Weight: 388 pounds
Fuel Capacity: 4.8 gallons, including 1.06-gallon reserve

How fast does a CBR1000RR go in first gear?

Yes, this bike can hit any speed legal on US roads in first gear. It doesn’t take long before the speedometer maxes out at 299 km/h (186 mph). … What’s The Matter, Colonel Sanders? Chicken?

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How much horsepower does a Honda CBR1000RR have?

The Fireblade measured a respectable 165.42 hp at 12,000 rpm and 74.58 pound-feet of torque at 10,580 rpm, which is comparable to the 186 hp (at the crankshaft) that Honda claims for the US-spec model but significantly lower than the claimed 214 hp of the EU-spec machine.

Do all CBR1000RR have abs?

The CBR1000RR is available in both standard and ABS versions. Valve lift and timing have been optimized for higher engine speeds, with the maximum raised fro 12,250 to 13,000 rpm.

What is the difference between CBR1000RR and fireblade?

2020 Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP Price The biggest differences between the standard CBR1000RR-R and the SP model are the Ohlins suspension, as opposed to Showa, Brembo brakes on the front rather than Nissin, a lithium-ion battery and quickshifter.

What does CBR stand for?


Acronym Definition
CBR Case-Based Reasoning
CBR Community-Based Rehabilitation (disability)
CBR Certified Buyer Representative (real estate certification)
CBR California Bearing Ratio

What does the RR stand for in CBR1000RR?

racing RR is for racing and road, R means road.

What is Honda’s fastest bike?

Fastest production motorcycles

Make & model Model years Top speed
Kawasaki ZX-12R 200005 186 mph (300 km/h)
Suzuki Hayabusa (first generation) 20002007 186 mph (300 km/h)
Suzuki Hayabusa (first generation) 1999 188194 mph (303312 km/h)
Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird 19962007 170180 mph (270290 km/h)

What is the fastest 0 to 60 motorcycle?

The Suzuki GSX-R 1000 is the fastest bike to ever go from 0-60, achieving the feat within a matter of just 2.35 seconds. It is the greatest motorcycle of the Suzuki company, a huge achievement considering how it is known for producing high-performance motorcycles.

How fast does a Honda 600rr go?

CBR600RR acceleration and top speed

2017 Honda CBR600RR Acceleration
Speed Time
SS/KM [email protected] mph
SS/Mile [email protected] mph
Top Speed 160.1 mph

How much horsepower does a 2021 Honda CBR1000RR have?

US-Spec 2021 Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP Claims 188 hp. Since the 2021 CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP was announced in November, we’ve been eagerly waiting for Honda to release horsepower figures for the U.S. market, hoping it wouldn’t be far off the 215 hp claimed for the European-spec model.

Whats the fastest motorcycle?

Dodge Tomahawk The world’s fastest motorcycle is the Dodge Tomahawk, which can reportedly achieve a top speed of 420 mph.

What is the fastest street bike?

These are the 11 Fastest Motorcycles On the Road Today

  • 2021 Kawasaki Ninja H2R: 249 mph. …
  • 2020 Lightning LS-218: 218 mph.
  • 2021 Kawasaki Ninja H2: 209 mph. …
  • 2020 Ducati Panigale V4 R: 199 mph. …
  • 2020 Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory: 199 mph. …
  • 2007 MV Agusta F4CC: 195 mph. …
  • 2020 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX-1300R: 194 mph.

What is the top speed of a Honda CBR500R?

Honda CBR500R has a top speed of 185 Kmph.

How many gears does a CBR1000RR have?

6 Speed There are 6 Speed gears available in Honda CBR1000RR-R. … Engine Specifications of Honda CBR1000RR-R.

Emission Type : BS6
Compression Ratio : 13:1
Stroke : 48.5 mm
Bore : 81 mm
Gears : 6 Speed

What’s the fastest Honda CBR?

The Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird was a Honda motorcycle, part of the CBR series made from 1996 to 2007. The bike was developed to challenge the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11 as the world’s fastest production motorcycle, and Honda succeeded with a top speed of 178.5 mph (287.3 km/h).

What makes a CBR a Fireblade?

The Honda CBR1000RR, marketed in some countries as the Fireblade (capitalized as FireBlade until the 2000s), is a 999 cc (61.0 cu in) liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder superbike, introduced by Honda in 2003 as the 7th generation of the CBR series of motorcycles that began with the CBR900RR in 1990.

How do I know if my cbr1000rr has abs?

An ABS warning light is always displayed at start up. As soon as you ride the light turns off. That’s how you know if you have ABS. Consult your owners manual for the location of the ABS light on your display.

Is the Honda CBR1000RR R FireBlade SP street legal?

Even with its track-tuned characteristics, the bike is street legal and will be available in limited production for consumers in 2021.

How heavy is a Honda FireBlade?

Make Model Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade
Seat Height 828 mm / 32.6 in
Ground Clearance 115 mm / 4.5 in
Wet Weight 201 kg / 443 lbs
Fuel Capacity 16 Litres / 4.3 US gal

Which is better r1 or CBR1000RR?

Compare the Honda CBR 1000RR Vs Yamaha YZF R1 on carandbike to make an informed buying decision as to which bike to buy in 2021. … Engine.

Engine CC 999.0 cc 998.0 cc
No Of Cylinder 4 4
Max Power 189 bhp @ 13000 rpm 197.3 bhp @ 13500 rpm
Max Torque 114 Nm @ 11000 rpm 112.4 Nm @ 11500 rpm
Valves Per Cylinder 4 4

How fast is a CBR300R?

CBR300R Acceleration

Honda CBR300R Acceleration
Speed Time
SS/KM 29.608/96 mph
SS/Mile 43.46/97.3mph
Top Speed 97.85 mph

What does RR stand for Honda?

Like Vivek mentioned, RR stands for ‘Race Replica’. They are more track oriented and are bred to do track days all day long.