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How fast can a Honda Recon 250 go?

The top speed of the Honda Recon 250 is 45 mph. This rugged and tough machine will get you where you need to go and is a reliable vehicle for anyone who loves to explore the outdoors. Although the top speed is 45 mph, some have reported a bit higher, such as 46, 47, and even a max speed of 50 mph.

How much HP does a recon 250 have?

2017 Recon 250 HP 15.6 at 6,500 RPM. 2017 Recon 250 TQ 13.7 lb / ft at 5,000 RPM. 2017 Recon 250 Horsepower-to-Weight Ratio (15.6 HP / 434 lb) = . 036 horsepower per pound.

How much is a Honda Recon worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $4,199 $4,055
Options (Add)
Total Price $4,199 $4,055

How much compression should a Honda Recon 250 have?

anything lower than 100 psi ( can be around 97 psi on some models ), is what your looking for.

What is a 2004 Honda Recon 250 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $3,699 $1,510
Total Price $3,699 $1,510
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How much can a Honda Recon tow?

2021 Honda FourTrax Recon Specifications
Model Recon ES (TRX250TE) Recon (TRX250TM)
Rack Capacity 33 lbs. front; 66 lbs. rear
Towing Capacity 500 lbs.
Curb Weight* 443 lbs. 437 lbs.

How fast does a Honda Rincon go?

The Honda Rincon 680 is an all-terrain vehicle(ATV) manufactured by the Honda Motors Co. since 2003. It weighs 600lbs, has a 38 horsepower 675cc engine(was 649cc from 2003-2006) and can reach a top speed of 63MPH.

How do you shift gears on a Honda Recon ATV?

Is a Honda Recon 250 a 4×4?

The Honda Fourtrack Recon 250 is a two-wheel drive that is notable for its compact size.

Does Honda still make Recon?

Refreshed FourTrax Recon joins returning TRX250X American Honda revealed today the 2021 versions of its smallest ATVsthe FourTrax Recon multipurpose model and TRX250X sport model.

Where is Honda Recon made?

The Honda Fourtrax Recon 250 is an ATV manufactured by the Tokyo, Japan-based Honda Motor Company. The light-utility powersports vehicle was created to serve a variety of off-road biking functions. The Honda Fourtrack Recon 250 is a two-wheel drive that is notable for its compact size.

Which Honda Four Wheeler is the best?

Rancher 44 TRX 420 FM (5.0) Basic simplicity and legendary reliability have made this Rancher model one of the best selling 4 wheel drive utility ATVs of all time. This is the manual shift model, which is regarded as the most reliable of all the used Honda ATv models.

How do you fix low compression on an ATV?

If your compression gauge confirms that you have good compression in all the cylinders, the first suspect should be the spark plugs. The easiest fix is to replace all the spark plugs on your ATV engine and see if it fixes your problem. Spark Plugs for your ATV are cheap so this can be a good place to try and get lucky.

How do you do a compression test on a ATV?

How much compression should a Honda Foreman 450 have?

The dealer says 65 psi is good due to the decompression valve. However, others say 88-131 psi is normal.

How much does a 2004 Honda Recon 250 weight?

2004 Honda FourTrax Recon ES/FourTrax Recon Specifications

Model TRX250TE (with ESP) / TRX250TM
Turning Radius 8.5 feet
Dry Weight 414 pounds (TRX250TE) / 406 pounds(TRX250TM)
Fuel Capacity 2.4 gallons, including 0.6-gallon reserve
Colors Red, Olive, Yellow

What is a 2000 Honda Recon 250 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $3,799 $1,365
Options (Change)
Total Price $3,799 $1,365

What is a 2007 Honda Recon 250 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $3,649 $2,080
Options (Add)
Total Price $3,649 $2,080

How much can a 250 Recon pull?

Capacity: 1,500lbs. Tow your Impact Implements Off-Road Trailer behind an ATV, UTV, or SxS.

How much weight can a 250cc ATV hold?

Then yes, the 250 I own is rated for 375 pounds total, so unless you and your gear weigh more than that you’ll be fine.

How much weight can a 4 wheeler pull?

To be exact, ATVs can pull things as heavy as 1,200 pounds (544 kilograms) up to 1,500. However, the ATV should be heavier than the standard for the sake of traction and resistance from the trailer. Also, the capacity of any ATV can only be utilized on a flat surface.

How much does a Honda Rincon cost?

2021 Honda FourTrax Rincon $9,499.

What does a Honda Rincon weight?

657 lbs. 2021 Honda FourTrax Rincon Specifications

Model Rincon (TRX680FA)
Rack Capacity 66 lbs./133 lbs. F/R
Curb Weight* 657 lbs.
Colors Red

How much is a Honda Rincon?

2022 Honda Rincon Price / MSRP: $9,499.

Can you shift ATV without clutch?

You let off the throttle, pull the clutch lever, and shift through the gears using the foot shifter. … Semi-Automatic (or Semi-Manual): There is no clutch control. You let off the throttle and shift up or down with the foot shifter.

How do you ride a four wheeler clutch?

The basics for driving an ATV with a clutch are to pull in the clutch, shift from neutral down into first gear, slowly press the throttle while release the clutch slowly at the same time. The ATV will start moving and it is time to start shifting through the gears.

What is the first thing you should do when starting an ATV?

Starting Your ATV

  1. Point the ATV in a safe direction.
  2. Put the transmission in neutral or park.
  3. Set the parking brake.
  4. Turn on the fuel valve.
  5. Make sure that the engine stop switch is in the run or on position.
  6. Put the choke in the on position if the engine is cold.
  7. Start the engine.

Is Honda Recon 2wd?

It’s a powerhouse of an athlete in the welterweight division. A specially designed 250-class engine is engineered for plenty of low-rpm torque and power, where the real work gets done. Its two-wheel-drive design features Honda’s famous longitudinal engine layout for more efficient power transfer.

What CC is a Honda Recon?

229cc The Recon has a longitudinally mounted air cooled 229cc four-stroke engine and a semi automatic or electric shift transmission.

What years did Honda make Recon?

HONDA FourTrax Recon ES specs – 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 – autoevolution.