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How fast can a Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster go?

105 mph Top Speed: 105 mph (Est.)

How can I make my Sportster 883 faster?

Inexpensive and Relatively Easy Modifications

  1. Remove any extra weight on the motorcycle using automotive tools. …
  2. Replace foot pegs and other parts with lightweight, performance alternatives. …
  3. Replace the current air filter with a performance filter made specifically for the 883 Sportster.

Are 883 Sportsters slow?

Is the Iron 883 Slow? The bike is pretty slow but not as slow as many people make it seem, or as slow as I was expecting it to be. … I find myself missing the speed and power of my old bikes more and more and the 1250 should provide a happy medium.

Is the 883 a good engine?

The 883 is a smaller bore engine built on the same bottom end and driveline as the 1200, so even though it’s the hardest working engine in the fleet, the rest of the bike is built to handle a lot more torque and power, so in that light I would say it’s probably one of the most reliable of Harley’s fleet.

How many gears does a Harley 883 have?

5 Speed gears There are 5 Speed gears available in Harley Davidson Iron 883.

How many miles per gallon does a Harley 883 get?

51-mpg The gas tank has a 3.3-gallon fuel capacity and a 51-mpg fuel economy. The 2020 Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 is a great bike for those just entering the motorcycle world and for those looking for a city joyrider.

How much HP does a 883 Sportster have?

The V-twin is air-cooled and brings along with it the classic Harley sound. The engine is mated to a five-speed manual transmission. The engine makes 49 hp and 54 lb-ft of torque. The Iron 883 opens the door to the Sportster line.

How much horsepower does a 2005 883 Sportster have?

47.59 HP Air cooled, 883cc, 45 V-twin, OHV

Power: 47.59 HP (35 kW) @ 6000 rpm
Torque: 69 Nm (50.89 lb-ft) @ 4200 rpm
Final drive: Belt
Top speed: 93.21 mph
Dry weight: 553.4 lbs

How do you increase the top speed of a Sportster?

How to Get More Power Out of a Sportster 1200

  1. Replace the stock air intake system. The factory-equipped air intake system is restrictive, allowing a smaller amount of air into the carburetor. …
  2. Replace the stock exhaust system. …
  3. Rejet the carburetor. …
  4. Replace the stock drive (front) pulley.

Is an 883 big enough?

An 883 is plenty strong enough to get you in trouble and still has more than enough to get you out of it too. I’m 5’11/250lbs.

Are Sportsters fast?

Top Speed. tested the 2011 model XR1200R Sportster, and the top speed attained by the bike was 122 mph. Older versions of the Sportster don’t attain this speed. The 2001 Sportster 1200 Customs have a top speed of 106.9 mph.

Can Harley go fast?

The average top speed for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is around 115 mph and the average time from 0 to 60 mph is around 4.3 seconds. The fastest model, the FXDR, reaches 160 mph and the time from 0 to 60 mph is around 2.5 seconds.

Is the 883 a woman’s bike?

Among the Harley community, the Sportster is generally and derogatorily called a girl’s bike because it’s the smallest of the three Harley engine families: Sportster; Big Twin and V-Rod. … With its 900cc engine (actually 883) it is big enough and powerful and more than fast enough for me.

Is Harley 883 good for beginners?

Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883. If you’re a diehard Harley fan and you refuse to ride any other brand of bikes, then this is still not a good motorcycle for you as a beginner. … The main reasons why the Iron 883 isn’t great for amateurs is due to its performance. This bike boasts a massive engine that only gets 45 hp …

How many miles will a Harley Sportster last?

How long can a Sportster last? If you maintain a Harley (or any motorcycle) it will last many, many years. Keep it in a garage and it will probably outlast the owner in all seriousness Harley’s have been known to go easily 200,000 miles without any issues, if not more.

Is the iron 883 loud?

Sportsters can be as Loud or Louder than anything on the market 883 (900) or 1200 ….. the pipe length and diameter have a lot to do with it.

What year did the Iron 883 come out?

Upon their arrival, the Nightster (2008), Iron 883 (2010), and Forty-Eight (2011) models revived both classic Sportster styling along with chopper and bobber cues from the past. True to honouring history, the name ‘Forty-Eight’ was a tip of the hat to the original peanut tank of the 1948 S model.

How much does a 883 Iron weigh?

2020 Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 Claimed Specifications

Price $8,999$9,899
Rear Tire 150/80-16
Wheelbase 59.6 in.
Fuel Capacity 3.3 gal.
Claimed Wet Weight 564 lb.

How far can a Sportster go on a tank of gas?

The Harley XL 883L Sportster, for example, has a 3.3-gallon fuel tank but can easily reach about 45 to 55 miles per gallon on a full tank of gas.

What is high mileage for a Harley Davidson?

For larger bikes, 50,000 miles and up is considered high motorcycle mileage. But before you write off any models, consider that a properly maintained bike can last well past 100,000 miles! That’s why it’s important to think about the whole package, rather than motorcycle mileage alone.

How reliable are Harley Sportsters?

Not only are Harley-Davidson Sportsters reliable, but they’re also fairly affordable. It’s possible to find a fuel-injected model on Cycle Trader for under appreciable less than $5000. … But if you’ve been thinking about getting a used Harley-Davidson, the Sportster is a great reliable place to start.

What is the difference between an 883 and 1200 Sportster?

The only difference between the 883 and 1200 Sportster is the displacement of the engine. … The engines of the 883 and 1200 Sportster are no different in size if you looked at it outside. It simply has larger bores; approximately 3.5 inches to the approximate 3 inch bore of the 883.

How tall is an iron 883?

1120 mm The Harley-Davidson Iron 883 Dimensions 2185 mm in length, 820 mm in width and 1120 mm in height with a wheelbase of 1515 mm.

How much does a Harley-Davidson Iron 883 cost?

2020 Harley-Davidson Iron 883 $8,999.

What is the seat height on a Sportster?

Harley Davidson Sportsters (Starting at $8,995) One of the most popular low seat height bikes for commuting and weekend riding is the Sportster. With a seat height starting at 28, the Sportster can be customized for an even lower seat height with a quick change of the shocks or a narrowed saddle.

What is the lowest sitting Harley?

Harley Davidson Softail Slim The Harley Davidson Softail Slim Model is the Shortest Harley model made, with a seat height of 23.8 inches (60.5 cm).

What is a Softail Slim?

The Softail Slim is one of seven models that complete Harley-Davidson’s cruiser lineup. … A relaxed rider triangle with a neutral, upright riding position and floorboards offer comfort and light touring capability, packaged in a stripped-down vibe with short-cut fenders for classic H-D styling.

How much power can you get out of a Sportster?

According to the dynojet screenshot, the 883 Sportster in its stock shape delivered a maximum of 45.4 horsepower, whereas the 1250 Big Bore Kit provided 99.7 hp.

What engine is in a Sportster?

Sportster motorcycles are powered by a four-stroke, 45 V-twin engine in which both connecting rods, of the fork and blade or knife & fork design, share a common crank pin. The original Sportster engine was the Ironhead engine, which was replaced with the Evolution engine in 1986.

How do you get 100 horsepower out of a 1200 Sportster?

How to Get 100 HP From a 1200 Sportster

  1. Establish a game plan and purchase necessary parts. …
  2. Remove the engine from the frame and remove the old heads, cylinders and pistons. …
  3. Install new pistons, ensuring that piston pin clips are installed properly and pistons are facing the correct direction. …
  4. Install the new heads.