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How do I run a Webasto diagnostic?

Hardware connection procedure

  1. Connect the USB or serial (COM) cable to the correct port on the PC.
  2. Connect the USB or serial (COM) cable to the correct port on the diagnostic unit.
  3. Connect the adapter to the diagnostic unit.
  4. Connect the diagnostic unit to power. …
  5. Connect the adapter to the heater.
  6. Turn the heater on.

How do I reset my Webasto Thermo Top C?

Error Lockout Reset Thermo Top C with Timer After correction of the malfunction the error lockout is reset by switching the heater off and on again. In case of overheating an error lockout reset is achieved by removing fuse F1, 20A for at least 10 seconds. The fuse is not blown in case of an overheat condition.

How do I reset my Webasto heater?

Heater Lock out Reset Procedure:

  1. Using switch or standard timer control, turn heater on.
  2. Remove the main power connection to heater from battery or pull fuse for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  3. Using switch or standard timer control, turn the heater off.
  4. Reinstall main heater power connection where previously disconnected.

How do I set the temperature on my Webasto heater?

Why is my Webasto heater not working?

Blockages in the fuel line and/or burner are also common causes. You can check for fuel delivery at the heater end during start up, and if no fuel is coming out of the pipe, your heater won’t start. Other causes could be an air blockage in the exhaust or combustion air pipe. … Check for blockages in exhaust pipe.

How do you service a Webasto diesel heater?

What is a Webasto heater?

Webasto Coolant Heaters circulate the machines coolant over a heat exchanger and then pumps it back through the engine and HVAC system. The result is a pre-heated engine and interior. In extreme climates, the heater can be used with additional accessories to warm the fuel, hydraulic fluid and batteries.

How do you clear Espar codes?

To clear fault codes:

  1. While in diagnostic mode push and hold both arrow buttons until EE is displayed on the screen.
  2. To exit diagnostic mode hit the ON / OFF button.
  3. To shut the unit down hit the ON / OFF button again.

Where are Webasto heaters made?

Question 48 Where are Webasto heaters made? Our heaters are made in our factory in Germany.

How do you program a Webasto?

Can Webasto cool?

Cooling Solutions for Vans A well-cooled workplace means more safety for you. Webasto cooling solutions ensure that you stay calm and cool in traffic. And you can rely on medications, food or chemicals to stay fresh.

How do I turn on my Webasto heater?

How long can a Webasto heater run for?

22 hours Fuel and Maintenance The Webasto heaters can run up to 22 hours on a single gallon of fuel. Gasoline is less energy dense than diesel.

Why is my diesel heater not working?

The most likely causes of heaters not starting is no fuel, insufficient power or no air flow. Please follow the steps below to check these issues. Remember to reset the heater between starting attempts by removing and replacing the fuse.

How does Webasto bunk heater work?

How do I contact Webasto?

For vehicle owners: Contact us by phone at 1.888.749.8632.

How do you maintain a diesel heater?

Periodic maintenance is vital for ongoing diesel heater efficiency. The key elements of a diesel heater service are to clean or replace the glow pin and to remove any carbon deposits from the combustion chamber, replacing it if necessary. The fuel filter should also be replaced, and fuel and exhaust lines checked.

Why does my diesel heater smoke?

The main reason for a thick smoke at the beginning of combustion cycle is accumulation of soot on interior walls of heat exchanger. Diesel models are more susceptible to smoke problem than gasoline models due to presence of paraffin and other additives.

Which is better Espar or Webasto?

Verdict. The Webasto Air Top 2000 is a sensible and cost-effective choice for your van conversion. Due to its small size and extremely low fuel and power consumption, you can operate it in optimal weather conditions. However, the Espar B4L is a much better choice when it comes to unusual conditions.

How does a Webasto work?

Webasto heaters pass air over a heat exchanger which allows the heated air to be dispersed throughout the interior of the vehicle and kept completely separate from combustion air.

Where is Webasto based?

Stockdorf , Germany Webasto SE is a company based in Stockdorf, Germany which makes sunroofs, electric-car chargers and air-conditioning systems. … Webasto.

Industry Automotive
Headquarters Stockdorf,Germany
Key people Holger Engelmann (CEO)

How do I reset my bunk heater?

How do I prime my Espar heater?

PRIMING THE FUEL LINE Just disconnect the power to the heater via the fuses, wait a few seconds, then reconnect the power. You may need to do this 4-5 times before the heater is fully primed and kicks on.

How do I service my Espar heater?

ESPAR Hydronic Heaters Preventative Maintenance

  1. Check all electrical connections from the heater to the batteries. …
  2. Check all clamps and hoses. …
  3. Check the condition of the exhaust system. …
  4. Check the fuel pump filter clean or replace it as necessary. …
  5. Check and clear clogged weep holes on the side of the heater body.

Can I use kerosene in a Webasto?

It should do, although the dye may have an effect in sooting similar to road diesel. The main benefit of the heating kerosene is it is designed for this type of burner.

How much fuel does Webasto use?

Fuel Consumption: 0.13 to 0.27 l/h.

Is Webasto safe?

Webasto Air Heaters are safe because you have the ability to regulate and control temperature via the basic rheostat or Smartemp controls. With internal heating systems they have the ability to easily vent air and reduce condensation.